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At this moment MyMetropolis is carried out every weekend in the cities Assen, Berlin, Riga, and San Sebastian. After weeks of hard work we managed to install the installations in the different cities. The children and parents enthusiastically started building houses, cars, swimming pools, volcano’s and more. But unfortunately our game is still suffering from a lot of technical difficulties. The 3D scanning is a very delicate time consuming thing that is really hard to streamline, and the syncing over the network and placing of the virtual 3d houses turned out to be a never ending challenge. This struggle caused that not all the children were able to enjoy the workshop  because we weren’t always able to put the models in the virtual city. We are still working hard to improve the installation and it is an intensive work in progress.

In the meanwhile we try to keep updated with all those beautiful things that are crafted by you. Last week we did a lot of scanning and we collected a lot of models from the four cities.  To be able to enjoy the virtual city at home, we developed an offline version of  MyMetropolis. In this way you can still enjoy your work in the virtual city. You can download  the game from this page. Not all the models are in yet. We still are catching up, and also some models are hard to scan. We are still scanning models that need more time and attention. But for now enjoy it and hopefully see you back at one of the workshop sessions!

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MyMetropolis V1 can’t be downloaded anymore. Download the latest version.

Unzip the archive and open the game.

keys, w-s-a-d: Walk forward, back, and to the sides.
mouse: Look around and orient.

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