A real Metropolis!

Sunday 25 October we had the last buildingsession for Mymetropolis. Again a lot of new buildings, trees, playgrounds, volcano’s, and many more rized in the city. Mymetropolis has become a true Metropolis!
All together around 199 models are crafted and added to the virtual city. That is a huge amount! We like to thank all the participants for helping us building this city and give the city its nice crafted feeling and atmosphere. When you walk around you can see amazing and beautiful things! Many thanks to all the volunteers and collaborators that supported us and helped us realizing this huge project. Special thanks to K&C Drenthe, CBK Drenthe in Assen, Children and Youth Centre Laimīte in Riga, Young Arts NK in Berlin, and Koldo Mitxelena Kulturunea in San Sebastián, to make this all possible.

We will continue to improve the project the coming year and implement more interaction between the different countries, and get rit of all the bugs. Also we will we work on better and faster scanning processes. We will keep you updated through this website on our process. It was kind of an adventure but a great one!

Below you can download the latest version of the game. Their are some improvements and changes. So read the instructions carefully.

Watch the Youtube video to get an impression of the game. Navigating yourself is much nicer of course.


Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 11.00.58

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 11.02.19

MyMetropolis V3 can’t be downloaded anymore.


Download and Unzip the archive and open the game.

Note for Windows:
When you clixk the zip file you need to press ‘extract all’ and then browse a folder were to extract. In the unzipped folder you will find an application called MyMetropolis_V3. Click this to open the game. warningsWindows probably will notify that it can’t verify the publisher, ignore this message and press ‘Run’.

Dialoge Box:
When you open the game, a dialoge box appears. Based on your age and speed of computer system you can configure the quality settings. Suggested setting for slower computers is ‘fastest’.

The game takes a wile to load. So be patient. At some point you hear the music, and the start scene will appear.

keys, w-s-a-d: Walk forward, back, and to the sides.

spacebar: Jumping extremely high!

mouse: Look around and orient.

escape: Back to the start scene.

backspace: Quit the game.

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