The Game

MyMetropolis is a combination of a workshop and game that starts in the real world with cardboard, paper, glue, paint and scissors, and by a process of conversion ends up in a virtual fictional world. Children and parents are invited to join the table and craft houses, trees, clouds, and cars for their ideal city of the future. When you are satisfied the craftwork will be converted to a digital 3D model and added to a virtual construction ground. A place where you can come together with children other locations and places in the Netherlands of Europe and build a brand new fantasy city of the future.

My Metropolis will will be carried out simultaneously across four countries in Europe in four different locations in Assen, Riga, Berlin, and San Sebastian. During the opening hours, children and parents can come and join the workshop/game. MyMetropolis consists of three parts:

First join the crafts table and create an object you would like to add to the city of MyMetropolis. This can be a building, a tree, a car, or a cloud. Cardboard, tape, colored paper and markers are your tools for creation. Think about the maximum size of your craftwork. Ask the workshop host for the sizes if you are not sure.


When you satisfied and ready. Bring your craftwork to the 3D scanner and with help of an assistant, it will be transformed to a virtual 3D model.


And now its time to enter the virtual playground! When it is your turn, use the game console to navigate through MyMetropolis and find a suitable spot for your creation. Choose the function for your craftwork by clicking the associated button. And there it is! Your special contribution to MyMetropolis! Feel free to wander around and enjoy the creations of other children.